About Bonnie’s KuneKune Pigs

We are a small family farm that is passionate about permaculture farming. We have honey bees and chickens and wanted to expand our farm. The KuneKune pigs were a perfect match for us.

KuneKune’s are a small heritage breed of pigs that are swing traced back to the Maori natives of New Zealand. They are true grazers. They have upturned broad snouts that are perfect for grazing grass. They need to have a good quality pasture but require a blended diet of hay, commercial pig feed, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The KuneKune pigs are a great addition to a family farm because of their gentle and docile nature which means a lot to our family because we often have small children that help us with our animal chores.

KuneKune pigs are a lard breed of meat pigs and they are known for their moist and succulent pork products.  KuneKune pig meat is sought after by chefs due to its beautiful marbling quality and exceptional taste.